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Congratulations on becoming a new Superior Singing Method member. As a way of saying “thank you” I want to give you this special one-time offer.

Right now, and only right now, you can get all 7 of these additional vocal training programs for a massive 82% savings today.

The best part is that all these programs are perfect complements to the Superior Singing Method course. So let’s take a look at everything you get with this special offer:

With this special one-time offer you get the following programs all for the price of just one. These programs are more specific training programs on each area of the voice as well as unlocking the secrets to being a great vocal performer.


Many Superior Singing Method students who loved the SSM program asked me to create more specific courses tailored towards each aspect of singing which is why I created this Superior Singing Method Pro Bundle.

Plus, with my Superior Vocal Performance course I teamed up with 2-time Grammy Award winner Jamie Jones of the band All-4-One (you probably remember their hit song "I Swear".

So here's everything you get in the SSM Pro Bundle today that I'm giving away for 82% off:

Superior Mix

  • ​Sing higher notes without strain and eliminate cracks or breaks
  • ​HD video lessons focused specifically on developing your mix voice
  • ​Vocal exercise audio downloads so you can quickly improve your mix voice anywhere you go

Superior Tone

  • ​How to get the absolute best, fullest, warmest, and richest tone possible
  • ​HD video lessons focused specifically on developing and improving vocal tone
  • ​Sound like the best and unique sounding "you" that you can

Superior Pitch

  • ​Tools, tips, and vocal lesson strategies for mastering pitch
  • ​HD video lessons focused specifically on developing excellent and precise pitch in all areas of your vocal range
  • ​Never again worry about what you need to do to sing on key and simply be able to sing any note with confidence

Superior 7 Vocal Exercises

  • ​Audio downloads of 7 of my favorite vocal exercises as well as HD videos teaching you exactly how you should be doing each one
  • ​Excellent 15 minute vocal routine that can be done daily for vocal improvement or maintenance
  • ​Includes Aaron Anastasi's 7 favorite vocal exercises for fast, daily results

Correcting The Top 5 Singing Mistakes

  • ​Discover the common vocal mistakes that most singers make that destroy tone, pitch, power, and can lead to damaging your voice
  • ​HD video lessons teaching you how to identify and eliminate the singing mistakes that are keeping you from singing at your full potential
  • ​Includes step-by-step instructions teaching you proper singing techniques so you can improve your pitch, tone, vocal stamina and more...

Superior Harmony

Singing Harmony can be frustrating if you don’t know how to do it properly. However, it is a skill that is absolutely essential for every singer to learn if you dream of being a great singer, recording an album, singing with other singers, singing in a choir, or understanding how to sing harmonies along to your favorite songs on the radio.

Many times it is difficult to find the harmony to a melody but luckily there is a way to learn this valuable skill. And when you master the skill of harmony it will help many other aspects of your overall singing while also putting you into a higher level of singer.

Watch the 23 step-by-step instructional videos in this course that condenses down everything I’ve learned about singing harmony and the key steps you MUST understand if you want to know how to sing harmony yourself…

Step-by-step videos with professional level lessons and tips designed to get you singing harmonies like a pro in record time.

Superior Vocal Performance

If you are like most of my students then you have goals and dreams when it comes to singing. And in order to reach those goals you MUST master two things: singing and performing.

You see it’s nice to be a great singer…but a great performer is remembered.

My Superior Singing Method program is designed to make you a great singer which is a very important part of the process. But in order to become a great singer AND performer you must learn the art of performance.

So I enlisted the help of Grammy Award winning artist, Jamie Jones, the singer of hit band All-4-One who has sold over 20 MILLION albums worldwide. We then set out to create a simple-to-follow program where Jamie gives you the tips and tricks of the pros in order to become a world-class performer. The type of performer that people remember and who audiences fall in love with.

This program will give you all the foundational principles you’ll need to master vocal and stage performance. Jamie gives you the tools and knowledge you need to become the type of performer who is remembered and loved by audiences. You’ll get over 2 hours of in-depth teaching that you can literally start using in the next 5 minutes to learn how to become a more confident singer and an amazing performer.

Get All 7 Today for 82% off!

To recap, here's what's included:

  • Superior Mix (valued at $39.99)
  • ​Superior Tone (valued at $39.99)
  • ​Superior Pitch (valued at $39.99)
  • ​Superior 7 Vocal Exercises (valued at $39.99)
  • ​Correcting the Top 5 Singing Mistakes (valued at $39.99)
  • ​Superior Harmony (valued at $64.99)
  • ​Superior Vocal Performance (valued at $64.99)

Total If Bought Separately: $329.93


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