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1. Avoid Plateaus

By giving you new exercises and training routines, you'll continually challenge your voice month after month. That way your voice doesn’t get used to doing the same few vocal exercises over and over.

So that’s why I create new vocal exercises and new routines every month for my Vocal Coaching Club members.

Each month you can log in and see your new vocal training videos, download that month’s unique vocal exercise routine, and continue to skyrocket your singing ability…

2. More Advanced Vocal Training

You get even more vocal training videos, techniques and exercises with an extensive library of over 60 videos inside the Vocal Coaching Club member’s area…

Including video training on proper singing posture that can almost instantly improve your vocal control, breath management techniques designed to give you greater power, control, and improve your pitch, how to improve your resonance while eliminating nasality, how to eliminate tension so you can stay on key better and sing higher notes without straining, some advanced exercises for developing a pro sounding vibrato… and more!

3. Know exactly what to fix with professional feedback

You’ll supercharge your singing results and know exactly how to improve your specific voice with dynamic feedback from my Superior Singing Method coaches.

You’ll be able to send in videos or audios of yourself singing and we’ll give you quick and specific feedback on exactly what you need to do to see the best results quickly…

That means if you’re ever stuck just shoot us a video and we’ll make sure you get the help you need to get unstuck and keep improving…

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Superior High Notes ($47 value)

  • Discover how to add a full octave to your range and sing higher notes with ease
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  • ​Includes video lessons and vocal exercises so you can sing higher notes with less strain and without damaging your voice.

Superior Vocal Health ($47 value)

  • Discover sneaky foods and substances that can damage your voice and make it nearly impossible to get the most out of your voice
  • ​Learn which foods and beverages that every singer should eat in order to keep their voice in excellent condition
  • ​How to maintain a healthy, vibrant voice so you are always ready to sing your best

Superior Vibrato ($47 value)

  • Discover get all the singing tips and exercises I know to develop a great sounding vibrato
  • ​HD video lessons teaching you how to develop vibrato with perfect control
  • ​​Step-by-step instruction of the ins and outs of singing vibrato like a pro...

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